An overview of all changes to the app.

04-11-2018: v.2.8.x
  • Improved Strava authentication mechanism implemented
  • Changes in grade algorithm
  • Bug fixes
05-10-2018: v.2.7.x
  • Changes in grade algorithm
  • Bug fixes
02-07-2018: v.2.6.x
  • Full screen mode added
  • Long press required to stop activity
  • Switch data fields directly from page screen
  • Bug fixes
19-05-2018: v.2.5.x
  • Route color line changed (darker)
  • Text color for data field titles in dark mode brighter
  • Zoom level will be saved
  • ANT+ bug fixes
  • Performance improvements Strava route loading
  • Bug fixes
13-03-2018: v.2.3.x
  • Real-time charts added: elevation, speed, heart rate and power
  • Bug fixes
21-02-2018: v.2.2.x
  • Dutch languange translation (finished)
  • Added buttons to map pages for map center and auto-rotate
  • Minor lay out updates
  • Redesign of activity control buttons
  • Bug fixes
31-07-2017: v.2.1.9
  • Dutch languange translation (80% done)
  • Strava upload bug fix
  • Other small bug fixes
02-05-2017: v.2.0.7 - v2.1.8
  • Navigation distances bug fixes
  • Small bug fixes
30-03-2017: v2.0.6
  • Notifications updated with timer time and distance
  • Small bug fix
24-03-2017: v2.0.5
  • New layout
  • Strava route download option
18-06-2016: v1.8.1
  • Additional navigation data (distance to start, course and end).
30-03-2016: v1.5.2
  • Support for additional power data fields (e.g. left right balance).
  • Preperation for additional GPS data fields (not yet used, next release).
28-11-2015: v1.4.5
  • Options added for uploading Strava files.
18-11-2015: v1.4.0
  • Option added to store settings of four different bikes (wheel circumference, ANT+ sensors and screen pages).
26-09-2015: v1.3.1
  • Option added to play a sound when status of activity changes.
24-09-2015: v1.3.0
  • Support for individual ANT+ speed and cadence sensors added.
  • Option added to choose between the metric and imperial measurement system.
20-08-2015: v1.2.0
  • Option added to spoof your product device as a Garmin Edge 500 such that elevation data is not overwritten by Strava (only applicable when your smart phone has a pressure sensor)
  • Current system time added as an optional data field.
12-07-2015: v1.1.5
  • Direct Strava upload of your activities possible.