The story of developing Jepster.

Jepster development

Jepster is a hobby project started in March 2012. During that period I got injured and had no possibility to train up to 10 hours a week. Instead of riding on my bike I started learning how to develop Android apps. Soon I realized that I'd like to build apps and as my Garmin Edge 500 missed the feature to have customizable data fields together with a map I started with Jepster. It took me almost 3,5 years before Jepster was launched in the Google Play store June 2015. I spend a lot of time on adding new features and testing to continuously improve it. Next to that I wanted Jepster to be up to standards with new developments by Google and others. For example following the Google material design guidelines as much as possible. In the end Jepster is quite a complex app which is a good alternative for the professional bike computers on the market.

The basic knowledge to be able to development Jepster I learned during my study Industrial Engineering at the University of Groningen. I have a specialisation in IT and got my master degree in September 2009.

Besides developing Jepster I have a full time job at Avebe, world's largest potato starch and protein producer. I'm the manager of our Functional Application Support Team at our ICT department. I'm located at our Headquarters in Veendam. Before Avebe I started my career as an IT auditor at Ernst & Young.