An overview of the most important features of the Jepster app!

Real-time data

Jepster provides real-time performance data of your ride. Jepster supports multiple pages which are customizable such that you can have all the information that interests you displayed.

  • Statistics: up to 10 editable data fields
  • Summary: up to 10 editable data fields
  • Lap statistics: up to 10 editable data fields
  • Lap summaries: predefined with 9 data fields per lap
  • Map & statistics: up to 8 editable data fields
  • Elevation: up to 8 editable data fields
  • Climb: up to 8 editable data fields
  • Elevation chart: up to 8 editable data fields
  • Speed chart: up to 8 editable data fields
  • Heart rate chart: up to 8 editable data fields
  • Power chart: up to 8 editable data fields

Your ride data will be stored on your smartphone as a FIT file.

Real-time data
GPS route navigation

Load GPX tracks or Strava routes (Strava premium members only) which will be shown on the map such that you can easily follow your route (no turn by turn navigation). You can choose to either use Google Maps or OSMdroid (OSMdroid supports offline maps).

Jepster provides you two different pages with a map:

  • STATISTICS & MAP: a section with up to 10 editable data fields and a section with a map
  • MAP: only a large map
Note that the size of the map on the STATISTICS & MAP page depends on the number of data fields chosen.

Climb profile & data

Routes with elevation data will be analyzed and the climb profile will be visible when you are close to (less then 500m) or on the climb.
A climb has to contain at least a part with an average grade of 3% over 500 meters. It can have a small decline (average grade of a part with a decline has to be at least -0.5% over 1.500 meters).
Note: algorithm may be adjusted in the future or flexible based on terrain (different parameters for e.g. a hilly route vs. a mountain route).

Based on the climb the following data fields are available on every page:

  • Distance to top
  • Average grade of climb section
    (sections are 250m, 500m or 1.000 meters depending on length of climb)

Jepster provides one page with the climb profile:

  • CLIMB: a section with up to 8 editable data fields and a section with the climb profile, average grade of climb, distance of climb and average grade of climb section
Bar colors:
  • Very easy (<1%): Green
  • Easy (1% =< 4%): Yellow
  • Medium (4% =< 7%): Light Orange
  • Difficult (7% =< 10%): Dark Orange
  • Very difficult (10% =< 13%): Light red
  • Extreme (=< 13%): Dark red

  • Note that the size of the chart on depends on the number of data fields chosen.

    ANT+™ and BLE sensor support

    Jepster supports ANT+™ and BLE sensors. Almost all phones do support BLE, but only a few do support ANT+™. On the ANT+™ website you can find more information about ANT+™ in phones. The following sensor types are supported.

    • Heart rate
    • Speed and/or cadence sensors
    • Power sensors

    This product is ANT+™ certified. Visit www.thisisant.com/directory for compatible products and apps.

    Search BLE sensors
    Strava and TrainingPeaks

    You can connect Jepster to your Strava and TrainingPeaks account such that you can upload your activities directly from Jepster to Strava and/or TrainingPeaks.

    If you are a premium Strava member you can also download your routes and load the track on the map.

    Auto pause

    Auto pause feature to automatically pause your activity when stopped riding. You can choose the auto pause trigger value between 0 - 4,5 km/h.

    Auto pause
    Battery management

    Jepster is designed to reliable log your ride data (your ride data is logged every second). But, on the other hand, to optimize battery usage. Main features to optimize battery usage:

  • Battery saving mode option (dark mode). Backgrounds and navigation bar will be black which results in battery saving for AMOLED screens (e.g. Samsung S10)
  • Map and navigation updates only once per respectively 2 and 5 seconds.
  • When riding in dark mode with a Samsung S7 and screen brightness on ~75% my battery last up to 8 hours. When I navigate (so showing a map all the time with a route) the battery last up to 6 hours (in dark mode and screen brightness on ~75%).

    Dark mode (Yellow)
    Data types
    The following data is available to be displayed:

    Data type Fields (format)
    Altitude (m or ft)
    Gradient (%)(1)
    Ascent (m or ft)
    Descent (m or ft)
    Average grade section (%)(5)
    Cadence (rpm)
    Avg cadence (rpm)
    Max cadence (rpm)
    Distance Distance (km or mi)
    Distance to start (km or mi)
    Distance to course (km or mi)
    Distance to end (km or mi)
    Distance to top (km or mi) (5)
    GPS Bearing
    Start lat
    Start long
    GPS accuracy (m or ft)
    Heart rate(2)
    Heart rate (bpm)
    Heart rate zone (1-5)
    Avg heart rate (bpm)
    Max heart rate (bpm)
    Heart rate (%max)
    Relative humidity (%)
    Laps Lap ascent (m or ft)
    Avg lap cadence (rpm)
    Max lap cadence (rpm)
    Lap descent (m or ft)
    Lap distance (km or mi)
    Lap start lat
    Lap start long
    Avg lap heart rate (bpm)
    Max lap heart rate (bpm)
    Lap number
    Avg lap power (watts)
    Normalized lap power (watts)
    Max lap power (watts)
    Avg lap power (%FTP)
    Avg lap balance L - R (%)
    Avg lap speed (km/h or mph)
    Max lap speed (km/h or mph)
    Lap start time
    Lap timer time
    Lap time elapsed
    Total laps
    Battery level (%)
    Temperature (°C or °F)(4)
    Power (watts)
    Power 3 sec (watts)
    Power 30 sec (watts)
    Left power (watts)
    Left power 3 sec (watts)
    Left power 30 sec (watts)
    Right power (watts)
    Right power 3 sec (watts)
    Right power 30 sec (watts)
    Balance L - R (%)
    Balance L - R 3 sec (%)
    Balance L - R 30 sec (%)
    Pedal smoothness L - R (%)
    Pedal smooth. L - R 3 sec (%)
    Pedal smooth. L - R 30 sec (%)
    Power (%FTP)
    Power (watts/kg)
    Torque effectiveness L - R (%)
    Torque eff. L - R 3 sec (%)
    Torque eff. L - R 3 sec (%)
    Avg power (watts)
    Normalized Power® (watts)
    Avg balance L - R (%)
    Max power (watts)
    Intensity Factor®
    Training Stress Score®
    Speed Speed (km/h or mph)
    Avg speed (km/h or mph)
    Max speed (km/h or mph)
    Strava Live Segments(6)
    Time elapsed
    Distance to start (m or ft)
    Distance since start (m or ft)
    Distance to end (m or ft)
    PR distance elapsed (m or ft)
    2nd distance elapsed (m or ft)
    3rd distance elapsed (m or ft)
    PR time delta
    2nd time delta
    3rd time delta
    Time System time
    Start time
    Timer time
    Time elapsed

    1 only if your phone has a pressure sensor
    2 only if you are using an ANT+™ or Bluetooth cadence / speed sensor or heart rate / power meter
    3 only if your phone has a humidity sensor
    4 only if your phone has a temperature sensor
    5 only if you are riding a route with elevation data
    6 only available when you have a Strava subscription
    7 only available for Android 8 or higher

    Normalized Power® (NP®), Intensity Factor® (IF®) and Training Stress Score® (TSS®) are trademarks of TrainingPeaks, LLC and are used with permission. Learn more at http://www.trainingpeaks.com.