How to use Jepster

Activity feed

The last 10 activities are shown in the activity feed (your FIT files are stored forever on your internal memory). If no activity is present, a nice picture taken from the Alp d'Hueze is shown. There are 3 actions available for your activities: 1) UPLOAD, 2) LOAD and 3) DELETE.

  1. Activities can be send to Strava.
  2. Activities can be loaded (this can take a while) to continue your ride.
  3. Activities can be deleted (this will delete the activity from the database and the .fit file).

Real-time data
Activity pages

Jepster provides real-time performance data of your ride. Jepster supports multiple pages which are customizable such that you can have all the information that interests you displayed. There are three different type of data page categories: 1) Data, 2) Map and 3) Graphs.


  • Statistics: up to 10 editable data fields
  • Summary: up to 10 editable data fields
  • Lap statistics: up to 10 editable data fields
  • Lap summaries: no editable data fields, predefined with 9 data fields per lap

  • Map
  • Map & statistics: up to 8 editable data fields
  • Elevation: up to 8 editable data fields

  • Graphs
  • Elevation chart: up to 8 editable data fields
  • Speed chart: up to 8 editable data fields
  • Heart rate chart: up to 8 editable data fields
  • Power chart: up to 8 editable data fields

  • The number of data fields can be edited for each bike (4 bikes can be configured) in the settings menu [Settings > Bike > Bike 1 settings >Page settings for bike 1].

    A data field can be edited by long pressing the data field. A dialog will be opened to choose the desired data.

    Editable datafields
    Start/stop/finish activity

    Activity recording can be started on a Data, Map or Charts page.

    Press the recording button to start(red circle with white inner circle, note that color depends on color theme settings).

    When activity recoring is active the button icon converts to a stop button (white inner square in the red circle).

    The timer can be manually or automatically stopped. This depends on the auto pause settings [Settings > Acitvity > Auto pause]. If auto pause is active the timer is automatically stopped when your speed gets below the auto pause threshold. When your activity recording was automatically paused and your speed gets above the auto pause threshold recording start automatically again. You can either stop an activity manually if recording is active (long press the stop button) or when recording is automatically paused. If an activity is manually stopped and you start riding again it will never automatically start recording again.

    Press the FINISH button to finish the activity. A message will ask you to save the activity, discard it or cancel the finish request.

    Start activity

    New laps can be triggered....

    Start activity
    Sensor action menu

    ANT+™ and Bluetooth sensors.....

    Editable datafields
    Search and/or connect sensors


    Start activity
    Sensor settings


    Start activity