Strava Live Segments - Beta version released

Strava Live Segments developments are finished and a beta version is released to be tested by myself. Some final checks and translations needs to be done before it will be released to public.

Curious how it works. Check the manual with some more details.

Segment started

Strava Live Segments

Currently I'm working on an implementation of Strava Live Segments. December 21st I published a beta version (5.4) which already gives you the opportunity to download your starred segments and view your pr, 2nd and 3th best results for that segment. Furthermore, your starred segments will be shown when you select a route.

Next steps are to download you effort stream, detect the segment and show your current effort vs. your pr, 2nd and 3th best results.

Finally I will implement a nearby segment search which can be used for just a ride without a route.

Jepster currently does not have authorization to the official Strava Live Segments data so I cannot show the KOM and QOM.

Segment La Redoute